Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Planes, Trains and Automobiles ★★★★

Wow I havent been on here in a hot minute. Life is busy. It's that time of year after all. Good news though! I'm back! Lot of stuff to come this month! But let's cover this wonderful film first.

What heart this has to it. Simple but impactful. Funny and relatable. It could be summarized as "What could go wrong?" The movie. I thought that the gags in this were so fun and though the music is very outdated I loved this film. It's really good at capturing the chaos that this time of year is and just how insane it all is and just how caught up in it and just how cruddy people become around this time of year because of it. Remember to always treat even the strangest of people kindly if your able. Cause they might just get you home in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Oh and John Candy is a legend and it Is BEYOND tragic that he is no longer with us. Cause he's top tier hilarious. Him and Steve Martin are great. So yeah. Excuse my segway here buuuuuuuut.

This is a great way I think to start off my new "Winter Movies 2021-2022" list. I've decided instead of doing a exclusively Christmas themed list let's do a winter list! So please. Be on the look out for more reviews next week! I got lots to do this weekend and so forth unfortunately. But! If you'll please excuse me. I'm going to play Halo Infinite for 5 plus hours.😉

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