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Scavenger Hunt #51

Final tally: 20/30

Top 5:
1. Life-Size
2. Book Smart
3. Conversations with Other Women
4. The Princess Bride
5. Easy Virtue

Honourable mentions to The Beach Bum, Secretary and Showgirls, which I all enjoyed. 

This scavenger hunt is hosted by Turd Crapley.

There are still a lot of movies I might switch out, depending on availability, but there are no rewatches and I'm pretty excited about my list.

These are the tasks, ✔️ = watched: 
1. Watch a movie that stars someone who began their career as a model. ✔️
2. Watch a movie that features a professional wrestler or former professional wrestler who is not the Rock, and which was not produced by WWE Studios. ✔️
3. Watch…

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There are no horror films in this list.