The King of Staten Island

The King of Staten Island ★★★★

I went to watch this two years ago but got distracted and turned off after 15 minutes, but I feel like I was meant to wait until now to watch it.

I've recently been diagnosed with BPD and have suffered depression for a long time, more recently the past two months have been the worst it's ever been. I've heard Pete Davidson has BPD and talks openly about it, which got me thinking I never gave this movie another chance, so tonight was time.

Everyone with depression and BPD is different and I'm not saying I have the same life as this character at all, but seeing the way Scott (Pete's character) deals with things, the way he is with friends, family, the way he carries himself around, I could really feel a lot from him. I could have carried on watching for another hour or two, I really felt comfort from this.

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