My favourites are four first-time watches I loved in November 2021

Favorite films

  • Petite Maman
  • Living Out Loud
  • Something Wild
  • Night Must Fall

Recent activity

  • The Face of Fear

  • Strongroom

  • Fiddler on the Roof

  • Dear Ruth

Recent reviews

  • The Face of Fear

    The Face of Fear

    It's a tonal mess; the dialogue's awful; despite the concept, it's never once exciting; there's no chemistry at all between Elizabeth Ashley and Ricardo Montalban.

    And yet, Montalban himself is so utterly mesmerising in it, he ends up dragging the rest of the movie up with him. It's not that his is a particularly 'good' performance - to be fair to him, the dialogue would be difficult for any actor to overcome - but he just goes for it in such an interesting, vaguely erratic, and yet warm and commanding way, its hard to take your eyes off him.

  • Strongroom


    A beautifully constructed thriller that derives said thrills from the exasperating contrast between the rapid decline of the two poor souls trapped in the titular strongroom with its dwindling air supply, and the agonisingly slow efforts of the two sides trying to get them out. You will want to scream at the TV on multiple occasions, I guarantee you.

    (It's pretty funny that whoever designed the poster evidently thought that the twelve hours of air they actually have wasn't exciting enough, and made it twelve minutes. Have you seen how slowly these police work, poster designer? Twelve days would be a close call!)

Popular reviews

  • Roll Red Roll

    Roll Red Roll

    If you’re looking to get angry - and I mean blood-boilingly, ear-steamingly furious - then I’ve got just the documentary for you...

  • Vice


    I hate this kind of filmmaking. Smug, condescending, didactic nonsense - Adam McKay has no faith in our intelligence and so everything he wants to says is capitalised, italicised, and underlined twelve times with a big, fat marker. I’ve not seen anything this decade so nakedly contemptuous of its audience as this film’s post-credits scene. 

    And everything he wants to say? It’s been said before. So many times. The level of arrogance it takes to present such old information as…