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  • La Ronde

    La Ronde


    After really quite liking Le Plaisir, I'm back to my usual Ophuls stance with La Ronde; admiring of the elegance but feeling completely uninvolved.

    Although I did enjoy Anton Walbrook. Obviously.

  • Patterns



    A thoughtful, damning look at American capitalism of the mid fifties. Rod Serling's screenplay is enjoyably meaty, and it's always good to see Van Heflin in a lead role.

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  • The Nice Guys

    The Nice Guys


    For my money, Shane Black is the funniest screenwriter alive. This is unwieldy and brilliant.

  • A Perfect Murder

    A Perfect Murder


    I don't know how you can watch A Perfect Murder and give two hoots what happens to anyone; they're all so cold and underwritten. That just leaves you with the plot, which gets ever more convoluted the longer the film drags on. 

    I do enjoy Michael Douglas's urbanely evil schtick, but even that isn't enough to stop this being a waste of time.