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  • The Blue Gardenia

    The Blue Gardenia

    The ending was awful - tacked on and thoughtless - but the rest was enjoyable. Conventional, but enjoyable. I would have liked less Richard Conte and more of the friendship between the three women.

  • He Walked by Night

    He Walked by Night

    ‘And so their tedious quest went on.’ So intones the omnicisient narrator of He Walked By Night towards the conclusion. He’s not wrong. Police-procedurals can be fascinating, and there’s a clear time-capsule value to seeing the 1940s police methodology, but all that process comes at the expense of any excitement or character. It’s so dry - as if everyone has forgotten that they aren’t making an instructional video, but something with a primary objective to entertain.

    Until, that is, the…

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  • The Innocents

    The Innocents

    There are scarier films, but not many creepier ones. The Innocents is profoundly, deeply, skin-crawlingly eerie. So unsettling. That song is very hard to get out of your head, which makes it even worse! 

    I didn’t realise til the end that Martin Stephens, the little boy who played Miles, was also the main creepy boy in Village Of The Damned. What a strange thing to grow up with, knowing that so many people see you as inherently sinister.

  • Vice


    I hate this kind of filmmaking. Smug, condescending, didactic nonsense - Adam McKay has no faith in our intelligence and so everything he wants to says is capitalised, italicised, and underlined twelve times with a big, fat marker. I’ve not seen anything this decade so nakedly contemptuous of its audience as this film’s post-credits scene. 

    And everything he wants to say? It’s been said before. So many times. The level of arrogance it takes to present such old information as…