Symbol ★★★★★

When I'm choosing a film to watch, I often feel a bit 'sliding doorsy'. With such an infinite number to pick from, deciding against one could mean you never get to it again. (I spend too much time worrying about this.)

All this is to say how happy I am to have watched Symbol, today's offering on MUBI. I don't watch enough Japanese cinema, and I have never heard of Hitoshi Matsumoto, so choosing something else may have meant never coming across Symbol again. And now, after having seen it, a life where I chose something else to watch today is one I'm glad to have avoided.

I don't know how to explain Symbol. I'm not sure if it can be explained. But the mixture of abject strangeness, laugh out loud moments, stylistic flourishes, and the cosmic implications of the final twenty minutes all made for one of the most unique film experiences I've ever had.

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