• Psychomania


    I love that the members of the motorbike gang are called Gash, Chopped Meat, Hatchet... and Tom, Jane, and Abby?! Although that’s pretty much the least weird thing about this bizarre, but deeply entertaining movie. It’s so strange and so funny, and some sets - like the morgue, and Beryl Reid’s amazing seance office - look like they shared a production designer with Logan’s Run. A lot of fun, and a great send off for George Sanders.

  • We're No Angels

    We're No Angels

    Just pure charm. What a joy - a brilliant cast all on top, utterly silly, form. And there’s a real musicality to the movements of Bogie, Ustinov and Ray which makes things all the more delightful. A treat.

  • Relic


    Wasn’t truly into this until the last twenty minutes, where it suddenly roared into life and ended up fully owning its ghoulish, yet deeply affecting, central metaphor. Obviously it’s not ideal to have to wade through an hour of repetitive ‘bumps in the night’ before the movie gets where it’s going - and visually it’s so dark large swathes played more like an audio drama - but the finale really does feel worth the wait.

  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow

    The Wolf of Snow Hollow

    Traverses much of the same emotional ground as Thunder Road, but in a more scatty, less satisfying way. It has its moments, but overall I was disappointed.

  • The Painter and the Thief

    The Painter and the Thief

    Karl-Bertil’s face when he sees Barbora’s first portrait of him is one of the most profoundly moving things I’ve ever seen. Wow. Wow wow wow. A beautiful documentary that just explodes with empathy. That final shot could hardly be more perfect.

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7

    Wildly entertaining, even though it remains frustrating that Sorkin just can’t rein in some of his worst instincts (having no idea what to do with women, almost always choosing grand theatrical speeches in places that would have been far better served with something quieter). For the first time - maybe ever - I could actually stand Eddie Redmayne! Jeremy Strong was the MVP for me though. That scene with the egg was priceless.

  • Rebecca


    I didn’t hate this as virulently as a lot of people did - I wasn’t bored, and Kristin Scott Thomas was great - but there is a distinct whiff of pointlessness around the whole endeavour. And that ending was really dumb.

  • Men in War

    Men in War

    The first thing you notice is how quiet it is. Other than during scene transitions and a dopey closing theme song, there’s very little music in Men In War, and that’s a wise choice: Mann sustains the tension throughout with such immaculate, agonising skill, a soaring score would have really been gilding the lily. 

    So much to love in this movie (the stellar land mine sequence must have been an influence on Da Five Bloods?), but nothing more so than the…

  • On the Rocks

    On the Rocks

    Rashida Jones and Bill Murray are an appealingly mellow comedic double act, and there are a sprinkling of nice moments throughout, but overall this is so low-stakes and half-hearted it’s a wonder Coppola managed to summon up the energy to finish making it.

  • Cordelia


    I cannot wait for the embargo to lift tomorrow.

  • Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins

    Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins

    Knew nothing about Molly Ivins going into this, and by the end I was terribly sorry to have lost her. This is a pretty conventional documentary, but it’s warm and heartfelt, and benefits from having so much footage of Ivins herself telling some great stories - the ‘Well girls, have you seen any good dicks lately?’ one had me chuckling for hours afterwards.

  • Ammonite


    This was always going to suffer in comparison to God’s Own Country and Portrait Of A Lady On Fire, but even with carefully lowered expectations I came away disappointed. It’s just so... grey. Lifeless. I’m not sure if it was because Kate and Saoirse are far more famous than the central lovers in the aforementioned films, or that they have no chemistry, or that there’s so little characterisation (maybe all three!)  but I couldn’t lose myself in their story. It…