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  • Inception
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Donnie Darko
  • Footloose

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  • 21 Jump Street


  • Serial Experiments Lain

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  • Liar Liar

    Liar Liar


    Hips don't lie and neither does this guy

  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life


    Forgive me god for I have sinned.

    Shame on me for not watching this movie until yesterday. I finally sat down and gave this highly acclaimed classic a shot. I'm always cautious when it comes to such classics and I try my best to lower my expectations and to forget about all the great things I've heard about a movie like this over the years.

    I had NO IDEA that It's a Wonderful Life would not only exceed all my…

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  • 21 Jump Street

    21 Jump Street


    "And as you can see, this kid is white. That means people actually give a shit."

    This movie had absolutely no right being this funny. They seriously need to start making comedies like that again.

    "No! Stop! I'm not fucking kidding! Look, I'm trying to shoot people! Will you stop? Just for two seconds? You're really hot and you're really slutty and it's awesome but I gotta shoot poeple right now!" 😠

    "You think I'm hot?" 😍🥰

  • Serial Experiments Lain

    Serial Experiments Lain

    Okay so since everyone here seems to have a hard time understanding the plot, i'll explain. I just binged this entire series in one sitting and it's a little confusing, so I can understand where you are coming from. Basically, I don't know either.

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  • Malignant



    Malignant's very clichéd plot results in a rediculously stupid twist that - once you accept it - creates the most awesome and wild third act I've seen in a long time. Just pure fun and enjoyment!

    I'm so glad to have seen it in a nearly sold out theater.

  • All My Friends Are Dead

    All My Friends Are Dead


    What the fuck did I just watch?!?

    This was so damn stupid.
    And even though many of my braincells died during this one, I had a lot of fun!

    But for the love of god, can someone PLEASE pay the pizza guy!
    Poor dude is just doing his job, show some respect!