How to turn your horror film into an “acclaimed” elevated horror film: 

1. Add 30-45 minutes onto the film’s runtime. Don’t have enough plot to do so? No worries...just add in some clips or callbacks to the most traumatic moments or to the most provocative imagery. Make sure that the audience really feel those extra minutes...it’s really got to drag to be effective...

2. Ensure that the main character is manic as fuck - the more unrelatable, the better. They don’t need to act rational as long as they’ve faced some sort of horrific trauma in their lives (oh, and be sure to hammer in that horrific trauma as much as possible). The more the screaming; the stronger the likelihood for success. 

3. Stuff the film with as much symbolism and as many metaphors as possible.  Afraid that it doesn’t have anything to do with the actual plot/context of the movie? Does not matter. Goats. Scissors. Decapitated heads. Flowers. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. AND BEAT THE AUDIENCE OVER THE HEAD WITH IT.

There you have it. Guaranteed to make at least a quarter of the top 10 movie lists at the end of the year.