Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

EASILY one of the best if not, the best, wes anderson film. A big problem ive had with recent anderson films (eg. Moonrise Kingdom, the grand budapest hotel) is that they've begun to rely and focus so heavily on aesthetics. fantastic mr fox is, evidently, the perfect balance aesthetics and script. maybe it's because wes anderson's style is just simply superior in animation. like bojack horseman, the world anderson builds becomes more effective and more meaningful because it presents an entirely new world with individually crafted aspects. every scene has some trait that reveals the personality of a character, right down to the wheat in Mr. Fox's jacket pocket. however, in anderson's live action Moonrise kingdom, many of the props feel like objects that exist just to add quirk more or less to the extent where the movie is so saturated with "quirky" "weird" props/characters/etc..the movie becomes...boring? exhausting?...""we get it...he's weird... "" fmf is funny, beautiful, and has a message that resonates with everyone. we're all different, we're all special, let's embrace that. not to mention how ash is the greatest most relatable character in the entire movie. the fact that he's the only character that speaks with subtext allows his character development to be even more prevalent. if ash isn't max from rushmore on ALL levels (except physical hahaha) I don't even know what the sun is anymore. its not that moonrise or budapest were bad movies, they are just nowhere near as good as fantastic mr fox or quite frankly any other early wes anderson.

the soundtrack is also the best accompaniment to fmf desplat is an honest to god genius. the bright, upbeat tones of the beach boys mixed with rustic brass/drums/violin/cello/etc.(??) of the original score are synaesthetically in sync with the warmth of the movies colour scheme. + the musical references ie. "the shootout" sounds like something from a western. seriously the most southwest, "country" movie ever but in the..ya know.....good way

i watched fmf when i was 9 in theatres and it's been my favourite movie ever since

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