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  • A Hidden Life

    A Hidden Life


    A Hidden Life could easily be dismissed as a misguided nazi era film focused on the moral objection of an Austrian farmer rather than the actual victims of the Holocaust. However, Franz’s plight is extremely important in displaying the acceptance and complacency to atrocity in the larger community, including within religious institutions and government. 
    The central conflict Franz and his family experience as a result of his decisions place good against evil; Good, being the moral road adhering to their Catholic…

  • Murder on Middle Beach

    Murder on Middle Beach


    Like I’m happy for Ally, and hopefully this project provided some closure for both her and Madison, but the whole series was incredibly open-ended, and frankly, I’m more interested in the crime than the family dynamics. 
    Stylistically, what was up with the 50s commentary about the nuclear family? That was totally unnecessary, and felt like an afterthought. Also, the family videos became incredibly repetitive and felt like a time-filler. 
    I’m curious how this got to HBO, and why they picked it up for four long episodes.