Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused ★★★★

We meet again Mr Linklater.
A bunch of kids have just finished their school year, and this is the day and night of that.
So very basic in premise, it’s something most people have experienced, maybe not in America or in the 70s, but still. That adds a different level to it, seeing how these kids experienced leaving school and all of the different shenanigans they were getting into. All of the characters are fairly dickish and one note, but it works for the story. The cast is lowkey really good, not at the time but looking at it now. The acting is fine, it’s not like anyone was gibbing did an Oscar in a film like this anyway. The music is amazing, I’m a big fan of classic rock so I felt right at home with what I got here. It’s interesting to make connections between this and my other Linklater film Boyhood, that they’re both coming of ages stories, but told in completely different ways. This goes with the partygoer, no sleep till Brooklyn style. A lot of different character stereotypes, chances are you’ll probably recognise someone here or there. It’s just a really fun, lighthearted story set at a very big turning point in a lot of kids lives.
Dazed and Confused is a unique coming of age story because of its scope and it decides to focus on so many different people of different ages and backgrounds. I went into it thinking “what’s so special about this?” But by the end I was like; “yeah okay, that was great, fair play.


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