The Dead Don't Die ★★★

Well that was familiar.
The planet tilts off its axis which causes a lot of strange things to start happening in a small country town. One of those things is an outbreak of flesh eating zombies.
This is different from the norm in sone ways and very similar in others, making the film feel rather underwhelming as a whole. I initially didn’t really like the comedy style, but it grew on me as the film went on. The cast is very high calibrate, and I felt it was unnecessary for a film like this, no one has to stretch their acting chops, so they all feel a bit wasted but it was nice seeing them there. All of the usual zombie related subtext is there, yeah, we get it. There’s little elements in there of Jarmuschs own doing but not enough to make me really care. I do like the idea of this film and a lot of it is executed well enough, I just think it’s trapped in this ambling zombie apocalypse, constantly repeating the stuff that isn’t funny or worth repeating. 
The Dead Don’t Die is a mixed bag, but there is good there. I can see that a lot of names and talent went into making this. I don’t think it’s for everyone though.


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