Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) ★★★

Yeah, well... I couldn't find time for this movie since what? 2014? Really? That was a long time ago, jeez. I also never read anything about it, only saw snapshots here and there.
And now I finally did watch it and it turned out to be a movie about Hollywood actors and how they're fading into oblivion. No wonder it won "Best Picture" in 2015 because the jury probably thought it was oh-so-relatable.
Through all those years I thought this movie really was some innovative take on superheroes, not a "New-Yawk Broadway dramaw", so that kind of disappointed me lol.
On the better side, the main cast did well. Edward Norton played a convincing bastard that you would love to punch in the face and then kiss on the cheek afterwards. My love for Naomi Watts can't be described in words, she's such a gentle and powerful being, I simply adore her.
Andrea Riseborough was a pleasant addition too—have been following her work since Black Mirror, I think she's a really interesting up-and-coming actor. Emma Stone — love her in general, but here her performance wasn't outstanding. I'm skipping Michael Keaton on purpose, we all know he carried the film on his shoulders. What a genius.
Overall, a solid movie, maybe a little too 'Murican for my taste.

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