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  • The Park Is Mine

    The Park Is Mine

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Remember that time Tommy Lee Jones played an unhinged Vietnam veteran who leads an armed takeover of New York? No, Exploding Helicopter didn’t either.

    And little wonder. The Park Is Mine (1986), which was originally made for Canadian TV, is a curious wee turkey. At first glance, this tale of a ‘Nam soldier going on a violent rampage after being pushed too far looks like just another one of the Rambo rip-offs that plagued the Eighties.

    But wipe away its…

  • Rooftops



    A 75-year old Robert Wise was hauled out of retirement to direct this bizarre dance-meets-martial arts movie hybrid that's set against the backdrop of New York's Eighties crack epidemic. Given Wise's diverse career, it's a fittingly weird goodbye.

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  • Terror of Mechagodzilla

    Terror of Mechagodzilla


    Contains the immortal line: "Kill me, I have Mechagodzilla's brain installed in my stomach."

  • Chandler



    CHANDLER (1971) is an incomprehensible neo-noir with Warren Oates as a down at heel private eye. A promising idea flounders amidst an impenetrable plot.

    Apparently director Paul Magwood took out an advert after CHANDLER’s release to apologise for the film which was re-cut by the studio.

    The butchery is all too apparent. Little makes sense and scenes clearly ‘jump’ as whole sections have been hacked out.

    Still CHANDLER does find small roles for gravel voiced b-movie stalwart Charles McGraw and femme fatale Gloria Grahame.