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  • Old Joy
  • Koshien: Japan's Field of Dreams
  • Strange Days
  • Get a Clue

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  • Bound

  • The Dark Knight Rises


  • The Dark Knight


  • Batman Begins


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  • The Bridge

    The Bridge


    an instant favorite. perfectly highlights misplaced self-importance and blind patriotism and the hell either can and will wreak on naïve people.

    essentially split into two equally delectable halves with entirely different stories and tones which coalesces into one, superb, heartbreaking story. the first half, like a dark linklater hang out movie. just a bunch of boys dicking around as tragedy unfolds upon innocent people in their country. we’re dropped into their stories, getting through school observing their respective home lives,…

  • Back to the Future

    Back to the Future


    okay, there’s a shocking amount to talk about with this one. the reassertion of conservative 80s sensibilities leaps out from several facets (to alter your life for the better, you have to climb the socioeconomic ladder and watch your enemies fall [to be fair, george’s enemy was an attempted rapist. so] feels like a major one of these sensibilities) and the 50s feels like the perfect juxtaposition to feign progressivism while touting a simpler, more innocent lifestyle. some diet racism…

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  • Awesometown


    put hot rod in the criterion collection and then make this a supplement you cowards

  • Abandon



    i honestly didn’t know there was a time when charlie hunnam looked young. i thought he just always looked like he was about to head to the grocery story to buy pork chops for his family of five