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  • Enter the Dragon

    Enter the Dragon


    When Lee says "please try to find a way to forgive me", he's acknowledging the disapproval his deceased family may have for what he will later do. To the audience, he almost seems to be seeking forgiveness for the pun, saying "I must leave" after observing the elderly man sweeping the fallen leaves around the nearby gravestones. Hehe. Anyway, the music, Kung Fu sound effects, and wavy/warpy transitions between scenes in this flick are fly as hell, far too fly…

  • The Heiress

    The Heiress


    An adaptation of an adaptation, a master class in ambiguity put to film. The at times somber disposition of the tone, the grandeur of the production design and the meticulous cinematography are best married (forgive the pun) by glorious black and white. What I love most about The Heiress is the transformation of Olivia De Havilland's Catherine from a meek introvert, shyly avoiding social interaction without any potential extraordinary attributes on display, into a stone cold ice QUEEN, a strong-willed, self-aware woman in control and not so easily swayed to revert to the former. She won her second Oscar for this performance. RIP.

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  • Dream Demon

    Dream Demon


    I really like how this is an interwoven story of two women. There doesn't seem to be a defined antagonist, other than the danger of whenever Diana falls asleep. Thankfully the menacing entity pursuing her takes the form of the sleazy photographer, played to hammy perfection by Timothy Spall, while covered in effects makeup. All around, the film offers some fun gooey effects and great spurting surprises--the wedding dream is my favorite. This hidden 80s gem is dripping with enough…

  • The Oily Maniac

    The Oily Maniac


    I really love the Oily Maniac himself, the almost comic book hero origin with powers akin to the Toxic Avenger, but am slightly conflicted on the film overall. It's absolutely too rapey for my tastes, but damn if the final confrontations didn't have me throwing my arms up and cheering. I enjoy every oil slick stalking sequence, underscored by a rip-off Jaws theme. Danny Lee is fantastic. I love when he is suddenly unencumbered by his "polio" while digging, or…