Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

I'm glad I worked up the courage to take a risk on this one. I knew there would be a dog attack, but it was easy to swallow on account of the nature of said attack. I don't want to waste time explaining how I don't handle movies about Sharon Tate very well. Especially done in poor taste (cough, cough, Haunting of, cough, cough). Thankfully, her sister approved of Tarantino's ninth film, how its inclusion of depicting Sharon accurately living her best life up until her despicably tragic end. Safe to say, I cried at many points throughout. The ending made me cry the most. Pretty sure I blubbered at "Well, hello neighbor."
*starts crying all over again*
Now, to be fair, this film centers mainly around its fictional characters and fictional plot points. I really enjoyed Brad Pitt, he has seldom left me disappointed. His character's sidekick, Brandy deserves the hype. She steals the show and my heart, right along with the audience reactions to the real Sharon Tate. I kind of wish Dakota Fanning was featured more, for being so short-lived, her presence and characterization struck me. Another major player is the music and other to-the-era callbacks--Batman theme? Sweet action! Ray Bradbury's Illustrated Man? hell yeah!
Overall, good times all the way around.

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