Rocketman ★★★★

Rocketman took me by surprise! I didn’t think I was going to like it as much as I did! I saw this with my mom who likes Elton John’s music more than I did and we both enjoyed it. 

This movie was a lot better than Bohemian Rhapsody in particular because of the rating. The latter movie was PG-13 and because of that, it sanitized Freddy Mercury’s personal story and tried to play it safe. When I found out Rocketman was going to be rated R, I thought it was the right choice because Elton John’s story needed to be gritty because of what he’s done in his personal life; thankfully the sexual content isn’t that graphic 

Taron Egerton gave an incredible performance as Elton as he actually sang and did his thing. If Rami Malek who wore fake teeth and didn’t sing won an Oscar, Egerton deserves it. Most of my favorite songs by John were played during the movie which got me excited. 

Overall, I enjoyed Rocketman which was previously stated. Elton John fans won’t be disappointed

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