Seven Blood-Stained Orchids ★★★

Watching this again after several years I was surprised to remember little other than that I had thought more of it before. I suspect that it was an early giallo for me and that I have seen better since but judging by the varied comments on this film I’m not so sure. Maybe it depends upon what mood you are in as to whether you get into this one. It starts well enough and there are some vigorous kills and decent Ortolani music, but then it seems to drift. The leads are not particularly impressive and although we do not get half an hour of plodding police investigation we do get a shot or two too many of them motoring from one crime scene to another. There is an inconsistency too, some of the kills are very striking and some barely on camera. The main problem seems to lie at the door of Mr Lenzi who just puts the bits and pieces together without any real sense of pleasure or passion. Things just seem to happen and maybe if you are in the right frame of mind this will be OK but should you be looking for a more involving or stylish presentation you may find yourself dropping off.