Shall We Dance?

Shall We Dance? ★★★★½

I tend not to be drawn to films described as 'heartwarming'. 'life
enhancing' or 'magical' but as this is a Japanese film, I had no need
to worry. No chance that, whilst being all of that the film would not
also be realistic. True there is much sentiment but not false sentiment and the heartwarming moments are genuinely touching, nobody is tugging at the heart strings, we simply feel for the characters because they are so well drawn and we have become involved. Simple enough story describing a normal Japanese salaryman's gradual involvement in ballroom dancing but so well photographed and written that we find ourselves both laughing at and with the participants. Fairly slow build and no dramatic finale, just one beautifully told tale that will involve and amuse even the most hardened yakuza movie fan, or anyone else for that matter.