The House That Jack Built ★★★½

Great set pieces, lessened by how disjointed they felt from each other. None of the character (baring maybe Simple) had any impact. Perhaps this is the point, but for me the story would have had more impact if we spent time with his wife and kids and Simple before he killed them. Then it would have been a tragedy worthy of Lar Von Triers best work. Love him as a director because he takes you on a journey with his characters leading to doomed tragedy. This movie had the tools but not the intention to do what he had done prior. The ending also felt like a cop out. All the way through he appears to get away with his misdeeds (which could be read as a commentary on the director himself). Then in hell he has one final attempt to avoid the burning fire pit, but stumbles and falls for all eternity. It would have amused me me if he actually succeeded where others have failed and managed to reach heaven, because no matter how brutal and provocative and repulsive the movies of lars Von trier can be, sometimes (not every time) he is able to get away with it and make something brilliant and (despite its flaws) transcend the hellish and become beautiful. This was not one of them... but it’s still a good movie.