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  • Spartacus



    Checks all the Swords and Sandals Epic boxes while also taking the time to give the characters some room to breathe, Kubrick hardly ever let them get lost in the scope of the film. You can really feel the animus Dalton Trumbo had towards his blacklisters (portrayed here by the Roman Republic at the height of its decadence, right before it goes full empire mode).

    S'pretty good! Not a bad way to spend a morning/afternoon.

  • A Colt Is My Passport

    A Colt Is My Passport


    A tasteful new wave/western/noir fusion that goes absolutely ape. People often cited this as a movie that Tarantino cribbed a lot of inspiration, and now I totally get it! I'd take it a step further and say more directors shoulda tried that. Just my opinion!

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  • Star Wars

    Star Wars


    George Lucas takes a leap of faith to build his sandbox. He's got this keen eye for detail about this setting that you kinda forget about as the years progressed, and his willingness to stretch technology to its limits and wear his inspirations on his sleeve help make a world that feels real, even though it's a movie about space wizards with laser swords. Distant, yet familiar. Grandiose, but there's still something tangible about it. There's grime, there's clutter, there's…

  • Sorcerer



    A certified booty clencher! One of those movies like Uncut Gems where I really wanna see this in a theater because of how sharply the oxygen would inevitably leave the room in any given scene. This man Friedken had zero chill my goodness