Klute ★★★★

This is Jane Fonda's 81 point game against the Raptors. Her 513 all-purpose yards game against Fresno State. She is so far in her bag in this movie it's almost insane. She owns her role as a call-girl and gives it the kind of depth that I'm pretty sure was unseen beforehand. She revels in the agency she has in the job she is good at, while at the same time lamenting that this is the job she is good at, trying (and mostly failing) to be something more than just a call-girl. This, as well as her relationship with sex, is something she's always wrestling over throughout the movie, especially as she realizes she's developed actual feelings for Donald Sutherland's Detective Klute.

The central plot, isn't super complex but honestly it didn't really have to be. What makes this movie so engaging is that you have two profoundly interesting protagonists in Fonda and Sutherland (who may not have as many dimensions as Fonda's Bree but still holds his own quite well), as they navigate the dark (the lighting and cinematography in this film are A++) and grimy world of a call-girl while trying to crack this case. Their evolving relationship and their interactions with the city around them are what drive Klute home for me.