Starred Up

Starred Up ★★★★½

Holy fuck!

Jack O’Connell is easily one of my favorites actors, he manages to perform each role he is given with so much passion and gives it 110% each time. He becomes that role, he eats that role up and makes it 10x better. Seeing almost everything he has been in, ’71 and Unbroken being my recent watches, I can honestly say he can play anything he is assigned and make it so believable that it hurts.

Starred Up is one of the most brutally raw prison movies I’ve seen! An overly exciting prison drama with great performances from the cast, with amazing camera work that lets you feel as if you were standing there, in that single room cell looking out at the craziness that wander that wards halls.
Fucked up fights, witty dialogue and ends with a strong empowering ending!
Not much more I can say than, see this now!

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