Under the Silver Lake ★★★★★

Lol. I can’t even. I feel so strange! I need more!

ok I’ll just start by saying I truly thought I saw Andrew Garfield at his best in Hacksaw Ridge, but I was so wrong! He completely steps out of his element and transforms into this weird, lanky, giddy, adorable dude who must get to the bottom of what happened to this missing chick, through conspiracy theories and code breaking!

Shit was insane! 

I mean the film is screaming to get the attention a David Lynch film would get.

I had a friggin BLAST watching and I know I’ll be spending the next hour reading reviews and theories. And I know there will be multiple viewings in my future. I’m actually loving how mixed the reviews are, so happy I’m in the “loved it” bunch.
I need more answers!!!
I need more owl girl!?!?
And what the fuck was that parrot saying!!!

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