Unmasked Part 25

Unmasked Part 25 ★★★★½

“Go ahead, scream if you like, to be perfectly honest I’m really starting to get bored with the whole thing.”

Sometimes in slasher flicks we’re lucky to get atleast 3-5 solid kills total, but in Unmasked Part 25, (wow imagine a Vinegar Syndrome boxset of all those nonexistent sequels) we get 6 kills right of the bat during the first 15 minutes (!!) and they are things of beauty, gory little murder sequences that are so well executed and honestly would make any horror fan really proud. 
That’s not even the half of this flick.  

Jason I mean Jackson is a serial killer, he kills and kills while wearing his hockey mask (wait🤔...) while on one of his killing sprees he stumbles upon a blind woman and the two begin a romance which later makes Jason I mean Jackson consider quitting the serial killer lifestyle. Will Jackson be able to give up the need to kill for a chance at a normal life?

This is exactly what I would expect from a horror comedy / slasher spoof (whatever you want to call it!) it’s got dry British humor, Toxic Avenger vibes, that Toxie eye droop, daddy issues, a love story (almost as good as Psychos in Love) and one hysterical BDSM sequence.

Some people will hate this, I...will never. 😈

When Shelly gets her own hockey mask, that was cute.

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