• The Descent

    The Descent


    this is an all-timer for me, the claustrophobic suffocating mind killer creeps up on you instantly in the first 40 minutes slowly burrowing under your skin until the intense transition from an all woman survival flick to a monster cave-dweller horror movie is quick and effective. it’s the dark, it plays tricks on people, has there ever been a more true statement? The Descent gets everything right from its psychological aspect to the perfectly executed jump scares, just add that…

  • The Keep

    The Keep


    Now we are the masters of the world. 

    Michael Mann’s The Keep a film he disowned—in his wrong—is something that escaped me over the years waiting for a proper release that still hasn’t come, but what better way than watching via the criterion channel through their 80s horror lineup. would this be as haunting without the droning synth score by Tangerine Dream? Absolutely not, it adds fuel to the already burning hypnotic ambience. 
    Narratively, the main struggle, this is all…

  • Disappearance at Clifton Hill

    Disappearance at Clifton Hill


    super sloppy indie mystery with a cute as hell Tuppence Middleton. loved the lighting and overall mood but my real takeaway is how this features David Cronenberg as a scuba-diving true crime podcaster. how I wish this was an actual thing, my ears and soul would be thankful. 

    pair with Under the Silver Lake for conspiracy theory double feature madness!

  • Alley Cat

    Alley Cat


    When I get done with that tiger, she'll be nothing more than an alley cat. 

    lesser known 80s exploitation that just barely delivers on the gratuitous sleaze and choreographed karate fight scenes. holding it all together is the cute and fashionable Karin Mani who plays a female charismatic Charles Bronson—although it never goes full Death Wish on anyones ass—she’s a woman turned vigilante after both of her grandparents are murdered and her car is stolen by a ruthless group of…

  • Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell

    Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell


    The universe is filled with things of which mankind knows nothing.

    bloodsuckers from space gonzo style. the sky red as blood, a sea of neon hellscape. a orange-lit UFO possesses people into a feverish phantasmagorical daze turning them into blood-thirsty vampires. I was immediately sold after the first encounter, so eerie. suicidal birds and a familiar b-movie sci-fi feel straight out of the 50s, almost feels like a long lost nonexistent Japanese Twilight Zone episode, so fun and full of…

  • Blonde


    [norma jeane screaming]

    my body was internally aching and reacting beyond words during this entire jarring nightmare, there was no room to breathe let alone feel anything besides utter sadness. abuse after abuse after abuse. blonde is immensely heartless and personally intrusive. let the woman rest already.

     “what business of yours is my life?”

    I think that line says it all.

  • Smile



    You’re gonna smile in seven days 

    zero expectations, with a trailer that does this little modern horror flick absolutely no justice and I walked away somewhat satisfied—by no means is this original or grand—but this is something that tackles themes of mental health and the heaviness trauma can weigh on someone as time goes on and mixes it with clear nods to The Ring, which is something I can get behind. my small issue that took me out of the…

  • Ryusei-Kacho



    thank you, sweetheart. 

    as magical as this was, this is exactly how it is during rush hour trying to get on the 6 train on 14 St-Union Square. you never know who you’re going to see and there’s never a goddamn seat. 
    loved loved loved this hectic ride. 

    chaos + mouth-breathers + shooting stars

    the train approaching is for Happy New Town 💫

  • Lou



    Allison Janney got a gun 🎶 

    so fucking bland it hurts. not much to say considering this is a recycled kidnapping story told time and time again, but what a treat to see Janney get so many fight scenes and walk away with an attitude, I just love her, too bad Lou is incredibly mediocre and overstays its welcome. 

    Jax is the sweetest good boi tho.

  • Things



    You know that weird one with all of those weird things? 

    Things you say! I didn’t watch the RiffTrax or the Joe Bob Briggs episode, I watched—experienced—Things in full Things form. I love these cluster-messes of a movie that are full-blown mind deteriorating but have tons of goop, practical effects, little alien fuckers, and a thirst for beer. not a single human in sight + I’m convinced everyone in this isn’t from this world, not even the dog. 
    I have spontaneously…

  • Bunny Lake Is Missing

    Bunny Lake Is Missing


    This woman is crazy.
    Don’t you think we all are in one way or another?

    so beyond ahead of its time that its audience in the 60s must have been hysterical during those final 20 minutes. Bunny Lake Is Missing is as chilling to the bone as they come, a masterclass in paranoid suspense and build-up in the disbelief of a woman living a tragic lucid daymare, a mother searching for a child that no one seems to believe exists.…

  • Sex and Fury

    Sex and Fury


    To kill the boar, deer and butterfly by my own hand is my fate. 

    oh I’m never going to recover from this. before going on to make his masterpiece School of the Holy Beast, Norifumi Suzuki made this Lady Snowblood meets Kill Bill hybrid of a sexploitation revenge flick. you know this had me the moment Reiko Ike started slicing up numerous men, completely nude in the snow and in fucking slow motion—that is indeed a mega win in my book. There’s…