• Within the Woods

    Within the Woods


    Join us! 

    Shocked at the low ratings! this put the biggest freaking smile on my face. absolutely love watching short films that act as the ultimate test run for what directors hope to create—which fortunately will become one of most beloved 80s horror classics, The Evil Dead

    I love Sam Raimi’s consistent frantic energy and I love Bruce Campbell in a yellow baseball tee talking about hot dogs. This also gets wonderfully over-the-top gory— shocker(!)—in the final minutes. What a trip, so ridiculously fun! 

    thankful it exists.

  • Rogue



    Sorry about that, folks. As you can see, human pollution is one of the greatest threats to the environment out here.

    what the fuck! this had no business being this good! As far as when animals attack movies go this beast of a cgi man-eating crocodile is a force to be reckoned with, combined with the solid Australian murky swamp setting and the constant terror that at any given moment the croc was going to jump out of the water,…

  • The Boxer's Omen

    The Boxer's Omen



    I’m not afraid of you. Show me what you got!

    the amount of times I’ve been told to watch The Boxer’s Omen and my stubborn ass just waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect day to experience what I now know is beyond incomprehensible black magic Shaw Brothers utter-fucking-perfection in film form. a mental and visual assault to the membrane. Dazzling vomit disgustingness and bubbling pink goo to melt your eyeballs right into your lap. this shit…

  • The Butterfly Murders

    The Butterfly Murders


    A wuxia at heart, but a real murder mystery with copious amounts of giallo influences worn on its sleeve. Killer fucking butterflies terrorizing a clan living in Thunder Castle, one by one each are killed—The Birds style. the atmosphere immediately sucks you in and you’re thrown into a darkly-lit medieval castle with rocky caverns leading to an even more moodier setting—perhaps a labyrinth of butterfly hell!

    truly, this had me at poisonous butterflies and a black-leather-clad killer. absolutely lives up…

  • Resurrection



    i am a good mother. 

    bring on this stress-inducing evil psychological monster of a maternal-thriller. step by step, deeper and deeper into the womb of years of torment, gaslighting, abuse, and manipulation; days turned to years of self-healing just for one reappearance to break down walls. as the saying goes rip the band-aid off. face your demons, even if your demons are a middle-aged Tim Roth and his need for 'kindnesses'. acts of kindness and you’ll be rewarded. Rebecca Hall…

  • Prey



    He has us.

    Dan Trachtenberg is known for making the most out of a single location setting and utilizing it with both tension and dread, here he offers us the best of both worlds, giving us constant action throughout the jungle, loud echoes of screams pierce in and out of trees, panning overhead shots of the unforgivable wilderness—it’s all about the hunt. sometimes simple is better, but Prey is anything but simple, a woman living amongst men to prove she belongs…

  • Predator



    I ain’t got time to bleed.

    That muscle show-off arm wrestle between Arnie and Carl Weathers lives rent free in my head—so does the rest of this beast of a movie but you know what I mean. this always brings out a different side of me, it makes my blood boil and gives me that adrenaline rush a damn good action movie should give anyone! Predator is my drug of choice. always a visceral experience whenever it’s time to revisit this 80s classic full-blown action goodness. ready for Prey? Ready for Prey

    all the muscles on top of muscles. all the rage. all the men. 

    You’re one ugly motherfucker. 

  • The Untold Story

    The Untold Story


    Anthony Wong: Portrait of a Serial Killer 

    give me your piss. 

    Holy shit! 
    Hong Kong cinema in all of its visually unpleasant and morbidly tragic—this thing is all kinds of filthy. Not only is this one hell of a gruesome infamous picture it’s also one heck of an unpleasant true crime tale—making it even more shocking— how it all unfolds into everything a Cat III film should be; grisly, unrelenting, and emotionally disturbing, just about as impactful as they come! …

  • All the Crows in the World

    All the Crows in the World


    deserving of the Palme d’Or for best short film, my only issue is that it ended prematurely, would have loved to escape into this world Tang Yi created of neon lights and friendships found in unspeakable places, for more than 14 short minutes.

    Deadpan, dance numbers & sweet soup.

    this won over my bitter heart.

  • Milk



    you need to say goodbye.
    I didn’t even get to say hello. 

    Andrea Arnold’s short film debut before she went on to make two of my favorite female-driven films, American Honey and Fish Tank. 

    excellent portrayal of grief and the lengths a woman goes to, to process the loss and devastation in an unconventional, yet maternal way.

  • Dark Universe

    Dark Universe


    “As an archeologist I may be full of crap but I do know my physiology.” 

    Lone surviver Steve, an astronaut in space heading back to earth gets his space shuttle unexpectedly infested with alien-like spores! Poor Steve! dude gets completely fucked and turns into the creature from the black lagoon which later cgi-morphs into the rubber creature from the dark universe! 

    let’s be honest, it was the cheesy cgi morphing scenes for me. It’s everything you’d expect from a 90s…

  • Naysayer



    Steven Yeun >>>>>>>>