The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums ★★★★★

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Recommended by Movies “Mofa” fan123

From what I saw, Wes Anderson delivers a unique direction style and compelling storyline with great cinematography and delivers on making some of the best movies he made, like Fantastic cussing Mr. Fox. I have yet to see the rest of his works, but this is one of his finest. A movie about a broken family coming together despite their problems which portrays families like this really well. It delivers Drama and humor really well, and I like the color palettes in it. And the music choices, such as Hey Jude, and The Christmas Time song from Peanuts is really well chosen. It's a charming movie about a imperfect dysfunctional family who goes through the ups and downs of life and in the end, delivers a heartwarming movie with plenty of drama and humor. Looking forward to Wes' other works.

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