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    Simple, short popcorn but wonderfully accomplished and put together. There are moments of logical frustration and points where you yearn for more story but this is the equivalent of a short story and is a perfect late summer/early autumn film for a good shriek.

  • Murder Death Koreatown

    Murder Death Koreatown


    An interesting attempt and it's fascinating that it blurs the lines of art/reality but when it's over it just feels like an exercise in bad taste and shaky camerawork.
    This is a film of questions with no answers.
    It is the height of frustration.

    There's definitely some interesting ideas here but too many loose threads to make up a film worth investing in.

    Fans of the subgenre may wanna give it a look but others can just steer clear.

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  • Survive The Hollow Shoals

    Survive The Hollow Shoals


    Despite some interesting ideas and a great setting the lack of basic logic or any real depth to the threat deflates this film. It's not poorly made, it just relies too much on aping BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and doesn't forge its own path. That this fellow attempted to survive these woods 'for 60 days' with as little as he took with him, and as unprepared as he was, it just seems silly. Maybe it was supposed to be EXTREME survival,…

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    A concept we have seen before that works because of the great acting and fantastic chemistry of the leads. Clever, fun, cute, and at times dark, this is the perfect summer cocktail.