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  • The Man from Laramie

    The Man from Laramie


    'I suppose I've seen prettier girls in dance halls. You're sort of beautiful, I'd say.'

    'That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.'

    So what exactly can we glean from this early exchange in Anthony Mann's brawny, hard-boiled The Man From Laramie? Well, firstly, when it comes to accepting backhanded compliments from gentleman suitors, the women in 1950s Westerns were apparently not altogether picky. Secondly, it reinforces the vulnerability at the heart of James Stewart's furtive stranger Wil Lockhart,…

  • The Bay

    The Bay


    Barry Levinson making a found-footage horror film is like clubbing with your uncle. It just isn't right. There are some efficient scares here, but The Bay is a wasted opportunity from a director one step aware from the direct-to-VOD circuit.

  • Lincoln



    A witty, nimble tale of political intrigue and the making of history from Steven Spielberg, anchored by an extraordinary performance from acting legend/master cobbler Daniel Day-Lewis. An award tickler and no mistake.

  • Transylvania 6-5000

    Transylvania 6-5000

    Fair to say this isn't Goldblum's finest moment. Also, he wears VERY HIGH TROUSERS for much of thefilm, possibly the highest trousers I've ever seen Jeff Goldblum wear in a film.