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  • Destination Murder

    Destination Murder


    A “ B” movie that’s great fun with more twists and turns than you would think possible in 73 minutes.  But it’s still a “B” movie so don’t over think it or expect more than it is.

  • Girl Crazy

    Girl Crazy


    Micky Rooney and Judy Garland in another “ Let’s put on a show” (or in this case a rodeo) movie but sadly this one is a movie too far.  The kids are adults now... Judy has a job, Micky is in college.  But the high school hijinks just keep rolling.  Not as cute or endearing as it would have been with younger leading characters.
    But wait ... there’s more ... and this is the good news; A score by George…

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  • Cold Water

    Cold Water


    Two 16-year-Olds who have problems with their families and themselves run away. Although the story is set in 1970 some of the rock soundtrack wasn't produced until 1973. When the film is not very entertaining listening to the music is a safe alternative to taking a little nap. The film is touted as "not available to U.S. audiences until now". After seeing it I know why.

  • The Eleven O'Clock

    The Eleven O'Clock


    Mind-bending clever

    Nominated for Best Short Film, Live Action

    DeKalb Elementary also nominated but it's not in the database so I can't add it.