The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★½

Like the title suggests, there is a satanic presence throughout this movie; it pretty much suffocates it, squeezing the life out of moments that are even supposed to be coincidental. That’s kind of the point, though it’s made without a whole lot of conviction. Every moment feels ploddingly inevitable, waving a sign minutes before they happen that say “hey get ready for this obvious thing that’s gonna happen soon, it’ll be a big moment!”

Can only go off the movie, but it really seems to only either hate Appalachians or pity them. It takes sick pleasure in making its characters so unendingly miserable for not being able to recognize the forces working against them, divine or not. The world of this movie is a world of lambs, helpless and powerless; and it presents Appalachia as a region for discarding, for abandonment, because clearly the Lord has already done so.

No cleverly woven plot can hide that ideological knot in the center. 

Also, someone please let Eliza Scanlen live through a movie. Just one, I beg of you!!

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