Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Promising Young Woman is a film that features such a dark and thrilling lead character in Cassie (Carey Mulligan) that becomes difficult to wash off once the film has ended. It's in all likelihood the character of the year.

Director/writer Emerald Fennell crafted this incredible in-your-face piece with the message of beating up rape culture with a baseball bat and exposing a disgusting behavior in men that they try to brush off by saying "they're nice", when, really, they're not. It forgives no one, not the perpetrators, not the accomplices, and certainly not other women who also are complicit. This is a credit to the exceptional writing of Fennell.

With rampant misogyny, sexism, and rape culture going around STILL in 2020 (look no further than many comments from deplorable dudes anywhere on social media, for starters), this film is the ultimate revenge tale. "I'm not the only one doing it", says Cassie to a bar creep during the film. Taking matters into her own hands, our lead does things that women would love to do to these despicable men.

I won't pretend to say anything different about Carey Mulligan's outstanding performance. I certainly hope that Fennell and Mulligan work together on more projects because they are a match made in heaven.

ABOUT THE ENDING (NO SPOILERS): I wished it was different. There is a painful truth behind it in a symbolic nature and I see what Fennell was going for. I'm sure it took quite some intestinal fortitude to pull off; my respects and props on that. However, it won't be in the favor of all. Certainly not mine, for the most part.


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