• Annihilation



    I will always highly rate sci-fi films that require good brain usage. Alex Garland has been known to write and direct a good amount of these. This is no exception.

    Annihilation mixes such thought-provoking sci-fi and horror to present us with this unique story of otherworld visitors. It's a rather slow burn, but that's one of the things I like most about it. Quite colorful and artsy. High on the science, which is something I can always appreciate.

    Great performance by the ensemble cast led by Natalie Prtman.



  • There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood


    When it fades in from back on that opening shot of the dirty mountains and Jonny Greenwood's brooding score comes on, you know you're not about to witness something pleasant.

    There Will Be Blood ultimately doesn't have a particular destination, so its journey is where the story is. Like the oil he so desperately prospects, Daniel Plainview is a character that is hard to wash off in the immediate aftermath of watching this. His "I hate most people" speech within…

  • Revolutionary Road

    Revolutionary Road


    This movie seems to be one to be viewed in good timing. I like thise more realistic stories about relationships. "Happily ever after" is not my forte. Nor is it for this one.

    Revolutionary Road is a bombastic sophomore collaboration between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet that makes you wonder why they aren't in more films together.

    Relationships and the expectations within them are incredibly difficult to align, especially when times passes. Things fade. This felt rather cathartic (one of…

  • Searching



    Previous review here

    This film is about to turn into a movie I revisit regularly every year. It's so great to watch and to enjoy.

    Searching is just fascinating. The concept is unique. The reason for that is because it's definitely believable that any of those things can happen and be seen through all the screens available to us.

    Within the nuance, there is a terrific story about a family within the backdrop of personal loss. John Cho is one…

  • The Untouchables

    The Untouchables


    The Untouchables might very well be a product of its great cast and highly acclaimed filmmaker. Otherwise, it's just another "day in the office" type film about the mob.

    The tone is greatly inconsistent. It's overdramatic in some unecessary points, yet it was anticlimactic in the end.

    The cast delivered, particularly Kevin Costner and Sean Connery. Ennio Morricone's score is marvelous.

    The rest is standard operating procedure.


  • Pig



    You come into Pig expecting something and you get something else and I believe that works well here.

    This movies plays woth our expectations to feliver a story about dubious pasts, loss, and existentialism.

    It moves quietly. It's aided by a discreetly great performance by Nic Cage.

    The wilderness ambiance felt like something out of Debra Granik.


  • That Thing You Do!

    That Thing You Do!


    That Thing You Do! gives you a success story that turns out in unexpected ways.

    I like how this speaks to a more realistic idea of success and fame. It's more fleeting and blurry than one might expect. It's so interesting how this ideates an American band hitting it big with one great song; and right in the backdrop of The Beatles' zenith.

    The movie loses its focus a bit near the end, so it stumbles in that way. Took…

  • Sideways



    Previous review here

    As time goes by, Sideways becomes more cathartic to me.

    I've seen it many times since it came out and I could always relate to Paul Giamatti's Miles to a certain degree. As I get older, that becomes the case even more.

    This movie is always a good laugh.

    NOTE: The leads are both Spider-Man villains.


  • The Wizard of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz


    Previous review here

    The Wizard of Oz is the epitome of Golden Age cinema, in my eyes. Some notes:

    - Watching the movie following Toto, the dog, is an interesting viewpoint.

    - I've always wondered where the red brick road led to.

    - The Blu-Ray remastering to die for. Such picture quality for a movie that old.

    - I always marvel at how they pulled off such special and visual effects in 1939. It won't translate, but it's believable.


  • Spotlight



    Previous rewatches: July 2019 // December 2020

    Spotlight is an all-timer for me, personally. It's a perfect storm of high-tier everything: cast, script, story, filmmaking, acting, score, etc. As usual with multiple rewatches, I offer some notes:

    - This movie is a voice-over fan's dream: Liev Schreiber, Billy Crudup, Stanley Tucci, et al.

    - Brian d'Arcy James as Matt Carroll provides some lowkey humorous relief.

    - Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy's script is unapologetically raw. The Sacha Pfeiffer line: "The…

  • Spider-Man 3

    Spider-Man 3


    It's tough to heighten scales multiple times when you talk about a film franchise. What plagues Spider-Man 3 is such an attempt by over-bloating. Alas, it's the vice of many.

    This third chapter of the Sam Raimi trilogy has plenty of good. It follows through on the arcs of the characters we knew and loved. The action was great and it always kept the cartoonish tone since the first film. It's at least watchable for sake of concluding the trilogy.…

  • Premium Rush

    Premium Rush


    Premium Rush is really in the lower tier of movies from 2012. It won't "wow" you or make anyone jump out of their seat. But, damn, is it a fun turn-off-the-brain watch.

    Its fast pace and constant motion, plus the different arcs that end up in the common spot makes for a highly entertaining viewing experience. Very playable movie for a given day. It's an afternoon bike ride with the best New York City visuals. It overcomes a bit of…