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  • The Master

    The Master


    I'd forgotten just how gorgeous and consistently well shot this film is (surprising given the rare absence of Robert Elswit); rather than opening up the frame to greater depth, the 65mm instead gives the introspection of Phoenix/Hoffman an overwhelming claustrophobia. 'Freddie Quell' and 'Lancaster Dodd' might also be PTA's best-titled protagonists (*Reynolds Woodcock pending*).

  • Psycho



    Still a sublime piece of filmmaking, and Perkins here is honestly up there with the very best of them. But that suuuuper expositional denouement really does get worse with every viewing.

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  • Forbidden Planet

    Forbidden Planet


    Groundbreaking science fiction it may be, the cocky and irresponsible male characters (the hallmark of sci-fi expeditions) and occasionally clunky exposition left me a little disappointed. Most frustrating of all is its portrayal of Altaira, the planet's Witless Babe - unsurprising given its 50s context but a massive waste of narrative potential nonetheless.
    Still, enjoyable enough for those *gorgeous* sets and pioneering sound design - and Robby, of course