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  • First Man

    First Man


    Yes, if you spend 90% of your movie in hand-held close-up, the wide view of space and the moon will be super effective. But that's a lot of tediousness to sit through. I did appreciate how they make grief and loss central to the story instead of just running through the events, but felt it could have been explored a little more. And while there are a lot of great casting choices that fill out this cast, I wish they had gone with a different lead.

  • High Life

    High Life


    High life poses a simple existential hypothetical: If you were guilty of a crime and your sentence was being sent off indefinitely into deep space with a small group of other criminals, all essentially unsupervised, would you want to keep living? Such a premise is a mindfield for clichés, both in plot and presentation, all of which are masterfully avoided here in Claire Denis' hands. Instead, we are treated to a variety of intense personal exchanges and beautiful visual meditations…

Popular reviews

  • Halloween



    A mostly satisfying sequel to one of the great horror movies of all time. It's very much a nostalgia trip, and there aren't any substantially new ideas, but this film is very well done, and there's a lot of great, laugh out loud humor throughout. Whether the jokes detract from the horror or pair well with it depends on what you want from a Halloween movie. After the world premiere Danny McBride said to the crowd that our reaction made…

  • Blockers


    An above average comedy which splits its time between the archetypal teenagers planning to lose their virginity at prom and the archetypal concerned parents trying to control their teenager’s activities. What breathes new life into these tropes is that the views on sex here are much more progressive than usual for films of this nature, and the comedic performances are great (particularly from Geraldine Viswanathan, but the entire main cast is solid). Some of the gags are quite hokey, reminding you that this is indeed a Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg produced film, but the moments where the film succeeds overshadow the times where it doesn’t.