Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

Be My Cat: A Film for Anne ★★★½

[May 7, 2021]
Idek man. Oppio needs to be locked up ASAP.

[June 27, 2021]
Alright, but in all seriousness…
This movie is absolutely insane. Definitely one of the best found footage films I’ve seen so far. Adrian Tofei’s performance is absolutely crazy. Him and the rest of the cast do an unbelievable job at convincing you this is all real. And that’s the major appeal and most harrowing factor of what makes this film so special. It feels real. Every spoken line and every moment doesn’t feel like a fictitious piece of film but rather that you’re looking into the mind of a complete psychopath for real. 
By the film’s climax, I literally can’t stress enough how terrified I was for how it was all gonna turn out. I think the film ends perfectly. There was just no better way for it to end to be honest. 
I may not like Adrian’s character (because he’s just not somebody I would ever like to meet) but what drives him to do what he does in the film makes the narrative so engaging.

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