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  • The Bling Ring

    The Bling Ring


    September Scavenger Hunt 42 
    #3 - Watch an A24 film directed by a woman

    This movie is so afraid that it's audience won't get the message that it portrays the characters in this as alien-like & empty, nothing but metaphors for celebrity culture and greed. And y'know what???? The message didn't work! I'm a criminal now! All celebrities leave their doors open & have no security! It's open season! I think this movie would've done better if it were a movie with an engaging narrative and characters and not a hand-holding, annoying-ass, series of filler scenes. An example of why the Coppola children were a mistake!

  • Kin



    September 2018 Scavenger Hunt 
    6. a film about a sibling relationship

    A movie made by people that have clearly never made a movie before. Verging on becoming a fun so-stupid-it's-good sci-fi film in the second half but weighed down by safe, bland first half. Nothing in this is believeable and the characters are mostly insufferable (especially the toxic older brother played by a guy they probably didn't fire because he's nice behind the scenes). Kin is a messy failure of a sci-fi film but it does provide a lot of unintentional laughter and head-scratching so it isn't a total loss.

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  • 2010



    September 2018 Scavenger Hunt #8 A film from your watch list (if you don't have one, pick a film that you have wanting to watch but haven't watch)

    2001 is an ambitious vision forward whereas 2010 is completely stuck in the 1980s. That means we get to see Americans v. The Soviet Union... in spaaaaaace! Not as fun as it sounds. The message is clearly an anti-Cold War message of peace which fits in an 80s sci-fi film but it's…

  • Deadpool 2

    Deadpool 2


    In high school, I was a big fan of the Deadpool comic books. That makes sense because the comics didn't take themselves too seriously and I was at the point in my life where irony began to consume my brain. Amongst the DP comics, each series had a different take on how the character of Deadpool should be played (you learn to love or hate the writers). The comics jumped from completely cartoon parody to middle of the line to…