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  • Wish Upon

    Wish Upon


    Everything about this movie is bad. From the acting to the writing to the direction... but it can be very funny and that makes it fun. The trash-picking dad (Dumpster Daddy) that also plays sax and shaves his beard when he becomes cool? Brilliant stuff. The terrible pacing and muddled perspective on how karma works? Pretty great. Saying "you dig on multiverses?" cause you're definitely a normal teenager that lives in America? The wacky teens are at it again!!!! It's…

  • Paddington



    I am now hyped to see Paddington 2. This is a great family film. The thought put into each shot and set is wonderful and the humor is charming and got some nice laughs out of me. The characters are fleshed out just the right amount and make it seem like having a talking bear walking around is both normal and an essential thing for every household. It's a pleasure to watch. 

    P.S. Sally Hawkins is a pleasure... and this…

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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    This film captures the fantastical escape from a boring summer life in a tender and poignant way. The lovesick protagonist (an excellent performance by Timothee Chalamet aka the guy that predicted smart phones in Lady Bird) is a bored and wanting youth that is on an exploration of his own identity. No need for any contrived drama or plotting here as the director steps back to let the characters interact and fall in love naturally. It's a summer fantasy that…

  • Girl Asleep

    Girl Asleep


    The aesthetic in this film is *kisses fingers* terrific and while I really like the weird turns it takes, I wish we could've gotten more scenes with the family interacting. The Wes Anderson meets David Lynch stuff is great (though on the nose at times) but more of the family was much needed (the dad is hilarious). That being said, it's a short and sweet film but I would've kept watching if it kept going beyond its short runtime. 

    P.S. That dance scene was amazing. I could watch it over and over again.