Rocketman ★★★★★

i have been following everything related to this film for about a year and it was an incredible experience to finally see the outcome. this was my most anticipated film of the year and it came out in full to blow me, and the entire fully packed cinema, away. 

taron gives an outstanding performance and steals the entire film, as he should. his portrayal of elton is raw and its beautiful and utterly heartbreaking. it’s clear to see taron gave his all to this role and left nothing to chance, diving so deep into elton’s persona and lifestyle that it takes your breath away. i was physically unable to take my eyes off of him. which is also a massive nod to the costume department who were phenomenal at using every item of clothing, every stage outfit, every pair of glasses, every shoe, to bring eltons atmosphere and personality to life. 

the film itself is slow paced but in the most beautiful way that you never want it to end. you are taken through a long and emotional journey filled with highs, lows, rock bottoms and all the way up into the clouds. it doesn’t hesitate to be brutal, rather it embraces it and turnes it into art. i truly witnessed something incredible tonight.

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