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  • Taken



    The plot to this film is pretty thin, basically Liam Neeson wants his spoilt little brat of a daughter back, who by the way is far too old to act so spoilt but i digress, and he beats up a lot of foreign people until he finds her. This will sound suspiciously like I intend to give this film a terrible review but in fact I really like this movie and I am actually going to recommend it. Why on…

  • Bonnie and Clyde

    Bonnie and Clyde


    A truly great film from an important era in US film making, with the Hayes Code finally abolished after years of Hollywood having to censor itself compared to its European counterparts. Directors such as Arthur Penn were finally allowed off the leash to depict the violence of this era in American history when crimes such as bank robbery were commonplace. Faye Dunaway makes a stunning Bonnie who really has Clyde wrapped around her finger, despite this being a historical innacuracy…

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  • Another Year

    Another Year


    Mike Leigh is one of my favourite British directors of all time and his style remains unique despite his films veering wildly between the comedic (Life Is Sweet or Topsy-Turvy) and the dark and harshness of modern British life (Naked or Secrets & Lies). His latest film attempts to straddle the in-between of these and succeeds in showing how the struggle of life always has its up side.

    The structure of the film is unusual as it is not a 3-act…

  • Rashomon



    Akira Kurosawa's first big international hit and a film that must be seen by anyone with even the slightest interest in Japanese cinema. Kurosawa questions the reliability of all 3 of his main protagonists after the discovery of a dead body and follows the inaccuracies of human memory through the process of a trial. Do people remember events differently or is there always a motive which leads us to these discrepencies.

    A truly mesmerising film with fine performances, as ever…