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  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure


    There's a spirit of positivity of the main characters that helps this late 80s comedy shine and the wealth/achievement grubbing that was common among comedies from its time is pretty muted so I'd recommend this to someone trying to get their tween to get into old movies.

    Here's my two Common Sense Media-like cautions for people with kids: there's a throwaway gay panic joke and a "girls are your reward" for a job well done denouement that doesn't send a…

  • Carlos



    I finally tore this blu ray out of its shrink wrap nearly five years after buying on impulse during one of the semi-annual sales. (Great value from a minutes-per-$ perspective!)

    Finally watched it mostly out of a 2010s completist urge because I was worried about not having the stamina for a 5.5 hour movie of a lot of talking and because I found "Clouds of Sils Maria" ponderous and "Personal Shopper" measured.

    I guess my main message if you're worried…

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  • In Fabric

    In Fabric


    I had never heard the term “giallo” before reading a few reviews so maybe this has a diverse heritage but “In Fabric” seems most indebted to David Lynch. It’s all here: portentous ornate dialog offered by creepy characters, claustrophobic low-light atmosphere in the sets, mild violence and discussions of dreams. It has several laugh out loud moments as far as I’m concerned so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you don’t find it scary.

    I agree with others that understanding the plot is probably a waste of time. You get on its wavelength, soak in the mood and realize maybe you really are a 36.

  • Parasite



    With the title I assumed that a big bug would be involved somehow but as the boy in the grifting family might say, I should have been looking for a "metaphor" or two. This gorgeously filmed heist with comedy overtones is part of an overdue wave of class-conscious movies that we haven’t seen since the ‘80s. You don't have to be Korean to understand the striving and grubbing of the desperate or to recognize how rich people can get satisfaction out of being good without ever knowing how they would act if their money was not there.