I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★½

Gillespie: “So how do we cover up that it’s not actually Margot doing the triple axel?”

VFX supervisor: “We’ll just super-impose her face onto the double and add a ridiculous motion blur”

Gillespie: “BRILLIANT!”

Massively flawed in its construction and suffering a supreme obnoxiousness that brings to mind The Wolf of Wall Street minus any coherence, this is saved by the performances alone. Margot Robbie is superb, Sebastian Stan surpassed my usual assessment of him as the acting equivalent of plain white bread, and Paul Walter Hauser is so great as the clueless ‘bodyguard’. Not getting the praise for Alison Janney: we’ve seen the cruel mother archetype done much better before, and this comes across as a crude thumbnail.

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