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  • Killers



    if this came out in like 2006 it would’ve been quite the banger. a pretty archetypal piece of extreme cinema that borrows from american style torture porn that came 10 years before its time. an undeniably fun romp of senseless violence that tries to maintain pretty worthless philosophical undertones, but never gets genuinely annoying in doing so like Martyrs does. 

    3 stars because it’s really nothing new. especially for 2014.

    i think every horror filmmaker needs to study Salo or…

  • El Mar La Mar

    El Mar La Mar


    An incomparable experience. Translates the plight of the Hispanic immigrant traveling across the border into the U.S. into colour, sound design, landscape, and camera movement. Immersive for every second of its long takes and protracted digressions to black screen — as well as some of the most stunning 16mm photography ever.

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  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    Am I missing something here?


    This was fucking terrible. Are you kidding me everyone with the five star ratings? This wasn’t audacious. This wasn’t intense. This wasn’t profound. This wasn’t gross. This wasn’t new or anything that hasn’t been traversed a thousand times before. Underwhelming and infuriatingly bad and has so many moments to ACTUALLY erupt and literally, it never fucking does. So disappointed — I was genuinely excited for this to blow me away. BUT NOPE.

  • Mandy



    very very ugly to look at, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt because nicholas cage is like bigfoot 

    reminds one of if hellraiser and the hills have eyes had a baby out hellraiser’s asshole, then the hills have eyes ate the baby and puked it up — in the absolute worst way possible

    didn’t know jesus freaks were in season man

    what did nicholas cage miss when that happened that made him think that they were jesus freaks

    my fav line in this entire film 

    “you’re a vicious snowflake”