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  • On the Beach at Night Alone

    On the Beach at Night Alone


    Hong Sang-soo used to be really difficult for me, much like Ozu was. As I grew older, more patient, and dug deeper into my studies, I began to respect his questioning of what truly defines cinema and whether or not the slightest moments and the most simple of conversations could still be considered cinematic. This film is equally a study on the quotidian as it is on an taboo relationship that the non narrative is structured around, though occurred before…

  • A Touch of Sin

    A Touch of Sin


    The angriest piece of Chinese cinema I’ve ever seen. Loved it except for the fact that a guy literally beats a horse to the ground for the sake of a 5 second long sequence. Retribution is served, but like, I hope that horse is ok :((((

    Also, a duck also gets its throat slit and the blood drained out! not fun nope

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  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    Am I missing something here?


    This was fucking terrible. Are you kidding me everyone with the five star ratings? This wasn’t audacious. This wasn’t intense. This wasn’t profound. This wasn’t gross. This wasn’t new or anything that hasn’t been traversed a thousand times before. Underwhelming and infuriatingly bad and has so many moments to ACTUALLY erupt and literally, it never fucking does. So disappointed — I was genuinely excited for this to blow me away. BUT NOPE.

  • Mandy



    very very ugly to look at, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt because nicholas cage is like bigfoot 

    reminds one of if hellraiser and the hills have eyes had a baby out hellraiser’s asshole, then the hills have eyes ate the baby and puked it up — in the absolute worst way possible

    didn’t know jesus freaks were in season man

    what did nicholas cage miss when that happened that made him think that they were jesus freaks

    my fav line in this entire film 

    “you’re a vicious snowflake”