Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

I've always found 80s horror movies that were filmed in 3D to be oddly charming. Jaws 3D has that amazing shot of the shark swimming straight at the camera in slow motion and breaking through the glass. Freddy's Dead has a character literally putting on 3D glasses to let the audience know they should also put on their 3D glasses and then, like, holding up a bat toward the screen to show everyone how cool it looks. Friday the 13th Part 3 has a stoner passing a joint to you, the viewer.

This is a fun and silly movie. I like to imagine someone coming across it in the year 2021 not knowing about the whole 3D thing and wondering why the film keeps coming to a screeching halt so a guy can play with a yo-yo or two characters can have a juggling competition

Part 3's biggest weakness are the characters. As a lead, Dana Kimmell's Chris just doesn't hold a candle to Amy Steel's Ginny in Part 2 or Adrienne King's Alice in Part 1. Everything with the motorcycle gang is painful. I'm sure there are fans of mopey prankster Shelly out there, but I am not one of them. Rad of him to give Jason his iconic hockey mask though.

What I am a big fan of is Richard Brooker's take on Jason, which might actually be my favorite of the series. He's imposing and athletic, freakishly fast, and actually enthusiastic about trying to kill as many people as possible. Makes me wonder why Fast Jason was eventually dumped from these films in favor of Never Moving Above A Brisk Power Walk Jason.

In conclusion, Jason crushes a guy's skull with his bare hands and an eyeball pops out at the viewer in 3D.

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