Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★½

One of the biggest films to come out this year, Endgame picks up where Infinity War left off with the entire universe in shambles and mourning the loss of half the population being wiped from existence. I loved this film, it's amazing, what a ride!

First, we have to talk about the brilliant performances from the original MCU Avengers cast in their finale. The entire cast is incredible, the standout performances for me 1. Robert Downey Jr. (obviously), Scarlett Johanson and Karen Gillan. I loved how they fleshed out her character in this one, she got a lot of screen time. Production design and visual effects at their finest, no secret there.

I thought the script was well written and thought out at times. The third act is an EPIC showdown that will be remembered in cinematic history. As a whole, it takes its time building up the objectives, the plot without dragging for a second. Once it's reached that point it picks up quickly. The first act is very somber, emotional and broken. I feel the little amount of hope and the desperation this team, this world has. The time travel aspect of this movie was awesome and well worth the set up to get to that third act we all knew would be massive and insanely chaotic. The pacing is perfect, this movie doesn't feel like 3 hours. Anthony & Joe Russo did a superb job directing this, what they've brought to this franchise since Winter Soldier has been nothing but excellence. They've put a lot of hard work into this universe.

Now, this film is not without flaws, it does have some. First, the way they brought Ant-Man was back was a bit lazy ( a rat...really?) but I guess addressing that quickly to move the story along was fine. Next, the risks taken with some of these characters were interesting. For example, Thor (Fat Thor), Bruce & Hulk become one. Some may be put off by this change but it shows the toll that was taken on them post-Thanos. Captain Marvel wasn't used as much as I thought she would be and she was hardly in the film. She did show up when it mattered and kicked ASS! Seeing all the female characters fight together was awesome but it REALLY sucked that Nat wasn't apart of it. Her presence was truly missed at that moment.

In the end, all the fan service moments and call back cameos were great. This film honored everyone that made the MCU amazing. Truly an encore finale of the last decade of MCU films. Even with all the minor nitpicks I've classified as "weaknesses" this film does no wrong. In comparison to Infinity War, I enjoy that a little bit more because of the intensity of the film. I've also grown to love it a lot more after it's the initial release. Both complement each other well, Endgame is a nice companion piece.

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