The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

Next, on this Oscar marathon is The Favourite. With 10 nominations, notables including Best Picture, Leading Actress (Colman), Supporting Actress (both Stone and Weisz), Cinematography and Original Screenplay, I can honestly say it is more than deserving of each one. This film is a masterpiece.

First, let's talk about the screenplay. Hilariously written. the dialogue between the characters is just incredible and I found myself laughing on multiple occasions. This is definitely a dark comedy which isn't for everyone but if you understand what's going on you'll find yourself laughing as I did. The performances were all really good, I was surprised to see Nicholas Hoult in this film. Almost didn't recognize him but he was hilarious but he was clearly overshadowed by the three leading ladies of the film. Colman as Queen Anne is brilliant, heart-breaking and breath-taking throughout this film. Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz have great chemistry together when they share scenes with each other. Watching the battle of wits between them is really funny.

The cinematography is gorgeous, all of which seems natural especially for scenes that take place outside. The use of only candlelight or torches was just magnificent. The camera work is precise in its movements and edited very well, I love how its broken into chapters. The musical score is incredible, naturally fitting for the time period in which this film takes place. Yorgos Lanthimos directed the SHIT out of this movie and I'll definitely be going through his filmography after seeing this film.

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