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  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise

    it's barely audible as they walk off (his human figures are so transitory, always dissolving into the background, into molecules), but the line is something like every couple's been having this same conversation forever.

    they both fall asleep at the end because they're linklater dreamers (and bloomsday is exhausting and always followed by a dream), and wake up in waking life (so: in a dream) where she finally understands the idea about reincarnation and wandering splintered souls (sharing the same…

  • Funny Ha Ha

    Funny Ha Ha

    One of the important things about this movie is it's usually framed to cut off people's heads when they're talking but always makes sure you can see everyone's t-shirts.

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  • Summer Stock

    Summer Stock

    Conventional Wisdom has it that there's little to see here but "Get Happy", which, shout hallelujah, is in itself a hell of a Thing to See anyway, even if it was patched in three months after principle photography and found its famous costume among Minnelli's cast-offs. There's also a silent Gene Kelly partnered with a squeaky floorboard and discarded newspaper, gliding and hopping and inventing 100 rhythmic gags to a sweet instrumental reprise of "You, Wonderful You" like he's a…

  • Beyond Therapy

    Beyond Therapy

    BEYOND THERAPY is very terrible as everyone knows, which we don't need to get into but basically it's just not actually funny despite frantically making shadow puppet representations of the theoretical idea of being funny. It does not sit comfortably with the other Altman theatrical adaptations of the period, et cetera and so-forth.

    BUT it has one bizarre distinction that I don't want to forget. So SPOILER which in no way spoils anything. BEYOND THERAPY has to be the only…