Hugo ★★★★★

Let me start by saying that this film is not perfect. 3D is still not flawless. The frame-rates at which they make these films is far too low, and it shows whenever there is motion.
The acting here is also not perfect. Sure Sacha Baron Cohen is great, but Chloe Moretz does come across as if she is trying slightly too hard. But honestly, it doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter at all.

Its actually quite hard to believe that the man behind the camera is the man who brought us Taxi Driver and Goodfellas. There's no grittiness, and darkness here. Instead Martin Scorsese is showing us his deep love of film. Explaining to us, why he went into the film industry in the first place. He's trying to share his experience of falling in love with early cinema with us. And its a joy to watch.

But there is more to Hugo than being a homage to the past. While leading us into the world of early film, he also pushes the boundaries of modern filmmaking. His use of 3D is perfect. Its no 'things flying out of the screen' gimmick, nor is it a tech demo like Avatar. Instead, its another technique used to suck you into his vision of 1930's Paris. 3D here is purely a creative tool. It is not just a checkbox to tick off a list, its a way of deepening the connection with audience, with the sole purpose of enchanting you.

Martin Scorsese has made a wonderful film. I highly recommend it.

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