From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★

I already knew a movie starring George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino playing brothers would be a hell of a time. Their dynamic is immediately interesting with George being this smooth criminal with a plan, and Tarantino being a bit more unhinged and quiet, also him acting always makes me laugh for some reason it's just fun. This is the most intense chapter in the saga of Tarantino's foot fetish considering he's constantly being a creep over them, and then drinks alcohol from Salma Hayeks foot in his mouth LMFAO, and it's not even his directed movie. This is my second Rodriguez film, and I really love his style already. It's always either exaggerated and over the top in either a comedic or badass way. He seems to have a lot of range considering man made this vulgar, violent, and hyper sexual crime and action horror fest, and also made spy kids lmao. I always love seeing Harvey Keitel, and he's great as always. Seeing the girl from Cape Fear in something else was cool too. Salma Hayek in this movie.... an all timer 😩🔥. The second half genre change is very jarring ngl, but it was still really fun and insane. Idk if it's a spoiler what goes down, so I won't say, but it's pretty crazy, and Clooney and Keitel go full badass.
An extreme mix of two genres, and is extremely successful in both. Also, a great mix of two creative minds that fit together perfectly.

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