Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

The gold standard of blockbuster filmmaking. The single greatest film character of all time. The most non-stop exciting film of all-time. Indy and Marion are one of my favorite film romances of all-time, and the notion of them being partners in the action is revolutionary and you can see it's influences all the way to Wonder Woman. A lot of people point to Han Solo or Indiana Jones being their childhood idea of what a badass is, and for me that has always been Indiana Jones. He's the ultimate film hero. He destroys Nazis, he's smooth, he's handsome, he's smart, he never gives up, and he's just everything an icon is. At the same time I love how incredibly human he is, like he takes plenty of hits, but always ends up on top. The kiss scene on the boat is the smoothest and most romantic shit of all time, and nothing even beyond the kiss happens. There's such a beautiful sense of wonder in every discovery, and the action scenes are non-stop fun, especially that vehicle chase is basically the single most badass action scene ever. The range of locations and thrilling scenes that make you go how did they do that!? Is incredible and unlikely to be replicated due to just oh that's cgi. The dedication to scale and set pieces is unmatched. On a technical level it's a masterpiece in everyway as well. There's so many shots in this that are some of my favorite ever. The score is one of the greatest and most iconic ever composed.
Also, the definition of poetic cinema is Steven Spielberg, a Jewish filmmaker having his movie end with a Jewish artifact destroying the Nazis. Easily one of the greatest films ever made. Spielberg's best. No film character will ever match Indiana Jones, and no movie will ever quite be like Raiders of the Lost Ark. Harrison Ford is my lifelong role model and idea of cool, and Spielberg is the freakin GOAT.

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